Friday 5 June 2020



We have an amazing team of creative influencers here at Polkadoodles and we're looking for new team members to join us! 
We are currently looking for people who are great colourists and love this aspect of crafting but if you just love to craft and love our products we'd like you to apply!


  • The Job: We are looking for Colourists AND general papercrafters who can create interesting and varied projects to a good standard of composition.
  • You MUST have a blog and post to it regularly - this is imperative to being on our team. 
  • You will need to create a minimum of 2 projects per month and to comment and vote on the entries our challenge blogs receive.
  • Social Media - you must be active on social media. 
  • Photos - you need to be able to take a good photograph of your work. We will help you get to a better standard if you need it. 
  • You must be able to print both black and white and COLOURED images and papers at home. If you do not have a colour printer please do not apply.
  • You must be able to work to weekly deadlines
  • Commitment - as a large business we put our trust in our DT and allow you to represent our brand to our customers. We therefore expect commitment and professionalism from our DT at all times. You will be given schedules and support to carry out your role to make it easy, but we expect a high level of commitment to the role and you will be expected to complete your full term.
Once you have achieved the minimum term we may/may not ask you to stay for a longer period. 

You will be rewarded with lots of amazing products you will love, with a steady supply of free stash each month. 
We cannot pay you monetarily but product value will outweigh any monetary value you would expect and you will receive a generous discount in the store.

If you'd love to be part of this amazing, friendly and supportive team & want to apply 
Email us HERE - just click this link and use the CONTACT US button to apply.
  • Tell us why we should choose you
  • INCLUDE recent links to your blog and social media pages so we can see your profile
  • INCLUDE photos or valid links to photos of your most recent work - we need to see the last 10 things you have made please (do not link to facebook photos, if we are not 'friends' we will not be able to see these especially if you are posting into groups, photos should be attached to the email if possible or linked to your blog. (please make sure your blog links are correct - we receive lots of bad links on applications)
We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hello, Its an exciting time as I'm about to make my very 1st blog! Im very much a creative person and love to paper craft daily.i qualify for what your looking for to be in your team(blog coming soon). Where do I send photos of my last 10 things made? So looking forward to following you through your new journey. We all began somewhere ♡
    Thank you for your awesome fun.


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